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10+years ago,  my career  notably  took- off, in the United Arab Emirate's vibrant city of Dubai as a car-park cleaning attendant. I picked used cigarette-buds on weekdays and deep-cleaned  foot-bridges for Emmar Hospitality on weekends, 10-12 hours a day, 1-day off, for a monthly salary of $250


But I had a plan.

10+years after, with a Ph.D. in Strategic Management, I am currently the Founder/CEO of Bimtrac Consulting in the same United Arab Emirate, effecting strategies for SME's across Africa and Middle East.


Long story short, with my understanding of the people, my experience in the market, my antecedents with start-ups/business operations in these regions plus my data science capability, you cannot deny my competence and capacity to deliver, your entrepreneurial goal and business objective.


I currently, mentor, teach and support  10,000+ entrepreneurs/businesses across 25 nationalities at both educational and professional levels.


But first things first, just like me, you need a robust plan. I strongly recommend my industry- market penetrating template.

Thank me later!


I simplify business knowledge in eBook  and Paperback format because, I' m certain, it is imperative for your success as an Entrepreneur.

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