• Tosin "The Jiggy Prof"

2021 Graduating Students: Congratulations

For the second year running, we haven't been able to hold a graduation ceremony in person due to the COVID19 Pandemic but it doesn't take way the magnanimity of our achievement at the university.

I commend my 2021 batch students for being able to make the switch from traditional learning to the virtual space and maintained their focus. I commend the academic team for their coordination and selfless sacrifices. I commend the faculties for their effort and teamwork.

Student's thesis for this academic year were mostly about covid19 and the impact the world at large. They solved real life problem in a period in history, where there is no precedence. They discovered insights and proffered key solutions to global problems.

The Bachelor students showed commitment, MBA student showed professionalism and EMBA showed integrity. Students from Russian, India, Pakistan Philippines, Syria, Greece, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan just to mention a few.

This is a proud moment to be an academia.

Congratulations Guys. Good Luck with everything.

See below for screenshots.

Hip Hip Hip. Hurray!

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