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Operational Unknown: Case Study Of Nigeria’s ‘Unknown Gunmen’

As a Nigerian who has and still stays abroad, following the news circle is my best bet of connecting with my home country. In recent times, the core of news update is the antecedents of this new group of Nigerians known as unknown gun men. They commit atrocities ranging from kidnaping to random shooting to even ritual killings. An average Nigerian considers it, a luxury to be secure and live in safety. Most people consider this nuance, a political agitation as a result of forthcoming presidential election. So now, the general population has hitherto settled to the fact that, forces in the society, commit these atrocities without proper accountability. It is really strange and fearful.

If these guys are allegedly “unknow” as acclaimed, maybe we should be asking questions, from the “supposed” leadership. What validates their leadership stake, in this polity, if a basic civil amenity of safety cannot be guaranteed? Why do they warrant followership, if the polity from which they command the same, are not guaranteed of the next dawn?

Why is this important?

Every business person/entrepreneur/leader/manager is a custodian of followers and the manager of resources with which the collective ideology of the community is to be pursued and thus, achieved. It is not inevitable to witness operational unknown; they are referred to variable for a reason. But it inexcusable to consider them as the reason for failures. Effective operation of unknown variable in business setting in sequel to gross incompetence.

Regardless of context, it important to know all your variables. You cannot permit unknown to function without control let alone impact your productivity. Sometimes, this is inevitable but it should let you lose viability of other resources with which you can function as a unity or polity.

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