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Conflict Resolution: Case Study Of Israel Palestine Conflict.

A few global issues has woken the world like the recent Isreal - Palestine conflict. To some extent, it gave ‘generation Z’, a taste of what ‘actual wars’ is like. For days, social media was vibrant with debates, on who is in the right and vis versa. Individual perspective suddenly became a myth. Those with deeper understanding of the matter against those, with narrow knowledge of the same. An issue, that has outlived more than 50% of the world’s current occupants yet amazingly, everybody had a point. Upon reflection, I tend to agree with Trevor Noah - the South African American’s who via his Facebook feed, posits that everyone is right about their relative opinions on this sensitive issue.

While the lack of lasting solution is considered, a major irresponsibility of past and current world leaders, the common excuse of neglect by these leaders, has been the complex nature of the conflict itself. And to be honest, your position on the matter is a function of the time in history, you decide to understand the root of the conflict. Should you decided to study from a few days of CNN summary, GAZA (Palestinians) is a terrorist group. Alternatively, should you go deeper in history, Jews (Israeli) are the warriors of Christ. LOL!

This conflict is not just about two groups – Israel vs. Palestine. It involves the US and another group called Hamas who according to BBC is the largest of several Palestinian militant Islamist groups. Hamas is an Arabic acronym for the Islamic Resistance Movement. With the rest of the world as backdrop, it is US-backed Israeli Versus Palestinians uncontrollable Hamas conflict. Read more here

The United States plus 35-country Pan-American group designates Hamas, as a terrorist organization against the backdrop that the said “United States” do not negotiate with terrorist organizations.

"We must bring new apparatus, if you want to win an old war."

Why is this important?

Conflict is almost inevitable in any settings that involves human engagements. The same is this Gaza-Jews issue. The age of this conflict is a proof that conflict is as old as human existence. But the fact that, we still have a world considering the duration of this conflict, is equally a proof that a ‘conflict resolution’ that meets stakeholder objectives is key as much as it is possible. But again, conflicts are not always as simple as just another disagreement between parties. Effective resolutions requires understanding. Be it in business or political context, it is important that root cause of issue is well researched and well understood if lasting resolution is the goal.

Resolution is function of a round table discussion amongst conflict stakeholders. And in this case, key stakeholders are: 1. World super power – United States, 2. Israel – one of the aggrieved, 3. Gaza occupants – the other aggrieved and unfortunately – 4. Hamas “the prescribed terror group”.

The key remains bringing all aggrieved/concerned parties to a round-table engagement. But If the US and Israel refuse to engage with “acclaimed terrorist”, what kind of solution can be achieved?

This is the 4th war between both groups in 12years.

I wish the region's leader guidance on this matter and lasting peace hitherto.

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