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Congratulations Dr. Vere: Zimbabwe's Iconic Men of the Decade

My brother Dr. Kudzanai Vere was recently listed amongst "Zimbabwe's Iconic Men of the Decade" by Business Connect. He is an entrepreneurship trainer, supporting several businesses in the region. I’m proud to call him my brother and colleague. We have co-chaired conferences, co-spoke as invitees and fellow member at the OLDN – Organization for Leadership Development and Change and ISODC - International Society for Organization Development and change

It is good to have friend for fries and pizza outing. It is equivalently important to have professional connection that can be tapped when and where the need arises. Dr. Vere is one those future opportunity waiting to happen and I am certain, this feeling is mutual.

Why is this important?

It is simple. Your network is your net worth. What protocol will do for you in 5 years, relationship will do for in 5mins. Business owner and entrepreneurs should endeavor to build such relation and celebrate individual wins, collectively. It is a mutually assured growth path.

It is not selfish to exploit, the opportunity these relationships bring. It is in fact, the reason for relationship. Sentimental assertions are an unavoidable nuance but let it not stop you from seeing the value in your network as your net worth. Stakeholder can exploit this for marketing, business idea validation, business idea planning, investment and even partnership.

We appreciate Dr. Vere on such recognition and I look forward to collaborations that will take the continent and its inhabitants to the next level.

Congrats Dr. Vere. Zimbabwe's Iconic Men of the Decade

Dr. Vere is the Founder of Transformational Mindset Institute, Zimbabwe and the author of best-selling book (1) transformed minds and (2) Becoming a person of impact: The Six Pack Approach.

Grab your own copy today on wa.me/263719592232

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