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Entrepreneurship Blog Section On My Website

A couple of years ago, a student of mine from Columbia once referred to me as a "Jiggy Prof" because he felt my lecture sessions were exciting and according to him "I am the best professor he has ever had". I smiled, thanked him and decided to keep it that way.

I would continue being "Jiggy". Just wait till you see my new look. LOL! I wonder who says, education has to be boring. For me, it is exciting class only. I want you to miss my class and feel that, you missed an experience.

On my new website's blog section, I will answer questions, give my take on trends with the goal of deducing entrepreneurship, business and leadership lessons. The objective is to continuously educate ourselves. through ourselves, with ourselves, for ourselves.

There are lessons all around us. We just have to decided to keep learning hitherto.

Welcome to my blog.

Photo: L-R: Myself, Zaffar (My amazing brother and friend), Ingha ( always smiling) & Ilya (A good man)

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