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Why Do I Have To Lose Being A Lawyer To Win Being A Doctor? Why Can’t I Be Both?

I have always wondered why people settle for a single career in as long as 50-70 years. I have always wondered why we don’t try as much as humanly possible to be a an engineer and data scientist. Why do I have to choose being Doctor at the expense of being a Lawyer. Why is it impossible to be both? Who makes these rules and who says we must follow them? What happens if we don’t? How will the world perceive us, if we do?

While I was reminiscing on my birthday a few days ago, watching TV, CNN profiled a Ellyse Perry: Australia's cricket superstar who also played in a FIFA World Cup. I have always known it, to be possible or atleast someone shares the same mentality. In fact, it the principle that I live by. I am a Lecturer, an entrepreneur, a consultant, a published author, a writer, a pro-trainer, a data scientist just to mentioned a few. I’m well experienced in these areas with the academic credentials to back-up each of this career paths. I have simply refused to let the world use my belief system to shape or limit what I can/cannot become. If I m not asking for too much, that should be my call.

Funny enough, there are several persons like this in Australia. They must be doing something different orientationally in that side of the world. See here

Why is this important?

I have encountered professionals who have given up career choices to pursue a more promising option. While I admire their commitment, I wonder why they have to lose one to win the other. More precisely, I have encountered pros, who consider it, an impossible task to be actively employed and be a practicing entrepreneur even though, they are well vast in the earned-passive income analogy with the opportunities it brings.

There are so much more, we can achieve as individual but we never try. I did not realize my writing capability till I turned 35, when I published my first book. Till date, it has been the most life changing skill /endeavor as I have authored a handful of books, articles and scientific papers across the world. I added programing to my portfolio and I m already excited about, where that is taking me even though, I have never been an IT person.

Stop seeing yourself in one light. Expand your horizon. Try anything and everything. You will be surprised how much of an impact, that new skill, endeavor and pursuit will bring to you and the world at large.

Writing your story, the way you want it to be told in hindsight is possible but requires your effort.

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