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Misunderstanding Your "Passion"

There has always been debates about passion and its role in career pursuits. It is often so mis-understood that professionals believe, that it is not an ingredients for career choices/advance/fulfilments. Professionals of today are always in a haste, when it comes to 'basic understanding' and the application of these understanding. Where and when I can, I try to contribute to this important engagements because utilizing passion as an imperative tool for our growth, is a function of our understanding of what passion truly means.

To clarify a few doubts, it is important to note, that, there is a difference between your passion and your hobby. In plain terms, they are not the same. Your hobby is an activity that you enjoy. You don't have your enjoy your passion. You choose your hobby, your passion chooses you. Hobby is a 'doing' or an activity. Passion is an outcome. Engaging in hobby-related activities can be postponed. Passion cannot. It will give you sleepless nights and makes you restless, when the outcome is not achieved. Passion is in response to a particular act. That act might not be your hobby and might not even require your talent. There is a place for talent as well but that will have to wait for another write-up. LOL!

For instance, my hobby could be swimming. My passion could be putting smiles on people faces. Swimming is a doing or an activity. Putting smiles on people's face is an outcome, from something, that I would have to do. Do I have to enjoy that activity, that will bring this outcome? Not necessarily. In-fact, in most cases No! Making sense now? But blessed are those who identify their passion with the opportunity to deploy their hobbies to achieve them.

In the professional ecosystem, this misappropriation of passion and how to use it productively, stems from this basic misunderstanding.

Why is this important?

So many people take away credit from hobby and passion when it comes to pursuing career success or even entrepreneurial opportunities. I once red Akin Alabi - A Nigerian business/political influencer's, characterization of the same. I only wished he dug dipper for clarity. It is not uncommon to misunderstand concepts. What is unacceptable is to continuously duel in that ignorance because eventually, Ignorance is invalidated excuse.

As for how it fits into career choice, pursue opportunities that helps achieve that outcome that your passion infer. This is where your fulfillment emanates from. Some people are lucky enough to deploy their hobbies in achieving this outcomes (passion). There is a place for both concept in our relative 360 advancement, you just have to understand both and deploy them accordingly.

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