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My Harvard Business Advisory Committee Appointment

When I received this email to join Harvard Business Review Board in the capacity of Advisory Member, I felt shock and excitement simultaneously. I smiled, that my 38th birthday gift had come rather early. But since I had not applied for such position, why am I being offered, for my service? My only explanation was that, I was doing something that caught the attention of the committee and its stakeholders.

I'm humbled regardless. I have always wanted to be listed amongst the best in whatever I do. Alas, this is sign that I am on track. The first time, I heard about the committee was about 3-4years ago, when Prof. Ndubuisi Ekekwe, identified as a member of the same committee, a position he has held for 12+ yrs now. At the time, I wondered, if and when, I will be considered worthy of such position.

Well, the special invitation states.

By joining the Advisory Council, your insights will help shape the content we develop and enrich our understanding of your perspective on ideas from HBR and the wider world of management and leadership.

To this call, I promise to give my best. My greatest blessings is and has been, to be able to affect world in any manner, shape or form, affecting careers through academic and my entrepreneurship coach program. People read and hear me. They make life changing decisions based on my insight. For me, there is no greater opportunity to serve than this.

Thank you Harvard Business Advisory Committee

Why is this important?

Everything is possible. Simple!

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