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My Netflix Recommendation

I have always wondered, what the objectives of movie makers are. Aside money and the opportunity to bring a story to life, what else? As a movie lover myself, I noticed some movies are much more than movies. My take - the story is for the producer/directors/actors to tell, the money derived from the movie is theirs to keep so what is mine in all of it. LOL!

Well, I recently came across a movie that spoke my language. From the moment, I saw the title and read the briefs, I knew it was watch at first sight. A movie that puts my entrepreneurial lecture sessions into scenery perspective. A movie, I would gladly refer or recommend to my students and I m certain, they will come back with questions and feedback.

A movie that teaches entrepreneurship, business and startup dynamics in real time. Focusing on tech. start-up which is the in-thing for Gen Z. It tells the story, that I have always been trying to portray in most of my books. A movie that teaches the practicality of business ideation, startup and management of business.

It is a series by the way. Three seasons with about 10 episodes each. Yes, you need some time to digest it but I'm sure you will thank me later. Except maybe, we don't speak the same language, then I will have to apologize for wasting your time. LOL

Why is this important?

When learning is mentioned, there is this misplaced orientation, that reading must be involved. A couple of years ago, I once asked my student to conduct a review on a movie, I thought, explained a concept better than I could at the time and the response was splendid. It called blended learning system

Insight from this series includes the following.

  1. Business Funding

  2. Business Partnership

  3. Business Strategy Development

  4. Business Strategic Implementation

  5. Business Risks

  6. Business Ideation

  7. Business Equity Vs Debt Funding

  8. Business Planning

  9. Business Negotiations

  10. Business Integrity

There is an approach to it all, that stakeholders seem to be missing.

Thank me later

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