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Scope Your Opinions

Opinions! These days, they come in versions and as free at no cost. Especially in this social media era and a time where we consider our voices, our opinion as to the right to freedom of expression. Often, I use Twitter trending functions to see what is been discussed globally, regionally, or nationally. While all of it excites, entertains, and attracts varying demography of persons, I wonder the value therein. But again, we all can't be me, just as I refuse to be you.

I like opinions when brainstorming with my team. I call for opinions when strategically developing and implementing projects. These sessions are sources of free insight on issues that my sole mind cannot provide nor comprehend. It opens up perspectives and grows the teams at the behest of every stakeholder. From experience, some persons are gurus of opinion on some issues while struggling on other matters. So why can't it be that same in society matters? Why aren't I permitted to remain indifferent on some issues?

But in recent times, it has become common for everyone to have an opinion on everything whether they are directly correlated or not. I find it quite amusing when people reach out to know, what I think about a particular occurrence. While I appreciate the opportunity to share my experience and knowledge. Some issues are simply out of my forte or at least refuse to draw my interest. It means, I m indifferent about it and I prefer to keep it that way. I don't want to invest my mental capacity in analyzing issues that do not contribute to my or my network's vision or mission. Simply put, why should I engage in it, if it has no real value to anyone?

For instance, I could contribute to an issue that impacts business, entrepreneurship, growth, leadership, and education - something that takes us from where we are to where we ought to be or want to be but I distaste and hitherto refuse to have an opinion on issues of somebody's else divorce case or somebody's religious beliefs. Simply put, I like to mind my business and my business is what choose it to be.

Why is this important?

While there are issues and events that needs our engagement and opinions, our minds and brains do not necessarily need all the events. Whatever my opinion on someone's divorce case does not stop the divorce from happening so why should, I expend my mental capacity as an expense? In academic work, we refer to a key section as 'research scope'. it is simply identifying what is included and what should be excluded from your research work. Like limiting your research to a particular year while excluding variables from other years. It is because focusing on what matters is the hallmark of understanding and productivity. So I refuse to expend my mental resources on issues that has no bearing to who I am and who/what I can become. Be selective with your fight and focus on your war.

Do not ask my opinion on Tope Alabi or Tonto Dike's new car. What am I, suppose to do with such engagements and by extension why is that your objective? My eyes is always on the price so I mind my and my network's business and so should you.

Events are many but your have just one brain. That brain is responsible for your productivity. Do not damage your mental capacity by engaging in everything. Not all ingredients give food taste. Sometimes, the wrong application or untimely application destroys the taste completely. And just as you put your body on a body diet, put you brain on a mental diet. For your body, you don't eat everything, for you brain, refuse have an opinion of everything.

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