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The Chelsea FC Strategy

Chelsea football club are our reigning soccer champions. Congratulations to the team and the fans alike.

For football, it was not the usual season. It was plaque with Covid19 and its impact. Everybody had to re-strategize. Results were not as expected, fans were virtual and un-usual playing condition for the players. Chelsea and Arsenal were gunning for 8th-10th position in the log table. Manchester united and their city counterpart had their fair share of failures, at the time. It is was un-chatted territory for every club 4months into the season.

Coach turned player - Lampard was in charge of the Chelsea team. Rich boss - Roman Abrahimović could take it no more. Mid season, Coach Lampard was fired, then replaced with Thomas Tuchel who had equally been fired by another club - PSG. They had their share of troubles at the time as well. So for coach it was French league to the English league.

Long story short!

The new Chelsea coach - Thomas Tuchel went on a superb wining streak against expectations, qualified for top 4 position in the domestic league, won a domestic trophy and further became champion of Europe by claiming the champions leagues. Since he came mid season, he had no choice than the leftover resources that were available to his processor - Chief Lampard.

Is this always the case? Not really. But if you take time into consideration, Yes. It works.

At the end of the season, PSG finished in second position without prominence in Europe as expected. Arsenal maintained status quo, didn't make top 4 and lost top 4 position - the first time in abt 25 years.

Why is this important?

Strategy and Personnel! Strategy has always been misunderstood. Some consider it a 100% revamp of an entire system. That is further way from the truth. it could be a single adjustment to the existing system. The role of personnel is also been misrepresented in strategic development as well as implementation. Personnel are a resource along with non-personnel inputs. In the face of difficulties, the decision we make around our recourses to come on top, is what is referred as strategy with time consideration and environmental understanding as it backdrop.

Mathematically, it denotes: Time*Environment (Personnel + Non-Personnel). You should not be so carried away with re-directing resources, that you ignore time in relation to business environmental variables when formulating a strategy.

If you want to win, your strategy should

  1. Clarify your expectations

  2. Know when those expectation are falling short (time)

  3. Know the timing for that strategic tweak (time + business environment)

  4. Ensure this strategic tweaks, understands the expectations for which they are the tweaks.

  5. Let them play

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