• Tosin "The Jiggy Prof"

The Unpatriotic Nigerian

The right to vote and to be voted for. They call it civil liberty. Some call it civic responsibility. Civil liberty is civil freedom. It means, within the law, I can do as I see fit. Civic responsibility is civic expectations. It means, what is expected of me as citizen of a country. In any polity, freedom and expectations cannot or at least, should not be one sided. The leadership of my country cannot have an expectation of me and take offence when I decide to have expectations of them. That is not democracy.

Nigerian politics or better still democratic government of Nigeria, is a government of confusion. I ‘d like to think of it as a failed democratic state with a half dead-judiciary arm, a greedy and clueless executive arm and zero judicial arm. Apparently, where there is no law, there is no sin. It explains the state of the nation at every level and by extension further explains the level of intentional delusion within the country as a whole. Global hypocrisy is the icing on the cake. The so-called proponent of democracy like the US and UK, only show leadership and direction when it serves their relative agenda. They refer to underdeveloped nation as a sovereign nation and as a result turn a blind eye to crime against humanity. The world is a business place after-all. Humanity, thus favors a polarized planet to show the strength of power and control held by a relative few.

As an individual, I might some what, be powerless to effect sweeping national change but I am powerful as to how, I, as a person respond or participate in a system that seem to have lost its soul: Case study: Nigeria. A system that care more about the games and selfish interest than plight of their everyday man. For me, that civic responsibility of voting for a leader, through a process that lack integrity, for a leader who turns out to be clueless while common man dies of hunger, reflects poorly on my conscience as an enabler of the death of this common man. I will always refuse to vote as a Nigerian for any Nigerian Leader till I can hope for the light at the end of tunnel. Perhaps, not in this lifetime.

Why is this important?

For any system to yield, it deploys people, process and system/s. If one of this variable is ineffective, the entire framework collapses. Should problem arise, it must be traced to find out, if a variable requires upgrade or change. Nigeria is no different. We are always ready to change personnel without looking deeply to access processes or systems. We replace personnel and get the same result. We do the same thing all over again when result do not meet our expectation. Nigeria at 60+. It is the same. I will simply refuse to participate. If my expectation cannot be met, don’t expect me to meet yours.

Call me unpatriotic. I agree. It is your measure of patriotism, not mine.

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