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What Your Business Plan "Executive Summary" Must Reflect.

It is the amongst the first few pages of your plan but it is advisable to be written last. Why? Because it is a summary of you entire plan. So if you haven't written any aspect of your plan, what exactly will you be summarizing?

Executive Summary shows who are your team members and how qualified they are. It is simply a summary of all the business executives in relation to the business core mission summarized in the under listed areas.

  1. Problem - What problem does your business provide solution/s for?

  2. Solution - What solution are you bringing to existing problems?

  3. Market - Which specified demography, facing the said problems are you providing solution for?

  4. Competition - Which player, company is providing same or similar solution to solve same or similar problem to same or similar market?

  5. Financial Highlights - What are your financial wow point details - especially projections?

Pinpoint, how their skill, experience and qualification validate these areas. And be reminded to add their summarized CV (1-2pages max) in the appendix section of the document. Some stakeholder consider this addition as attention-to-detail.

Why is this important?

Executive summary summarizes the entire business proposal/plan. Advisable to be limited to 300 words or a single page. It hold the power to determine, if and when potential investors or other stakeholder would be interested in your venture. For this reason, it is expected to review the highlight of key section of the business plan in the executive.

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