• Tosin "The Jiggy Prof"

What Your Business Plan "Product Section" Must Reflect.

Entrepreneurial product could equally be services. Either way, the concept and frame work in your business plan is the same. This is where you bring in your creative/innovative whims. A little bit of story telling in conjunction to your descriptive ability would help in this regard. The product or service must proffer a better understanding of the value you represent as a potential business in terms of technicalities, esthetics and problem-related solution must be crispy clear. It is simply, 'what is your product?'

You ought to say much without boring your audience yet say, so little making sense in the process to convince stakeholders accordingly.

This section must include the following

  1. The Customer Problem Worth Solving - Restate the problem worth solving with further details.

  2. Your Business Solution - Restate your solution from a personalized point of view.

  3. Validation - The proof and accuracy of the problem - Solution relationship

  4. Roadmap/Future Plans - The vision and the mission. The vision is where you intend to be, the mission is how you get there.

Why is this important?

If you cannot convince investors or start up stakeholders , how will you convince customers and end users?.

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