• Tosin "The Jiggy Prof"

Be A Subject Matter Expert

Being an academia, it is common for people to consider me knowledgeable in virtually every field. The notion that professors are super human who have capabilities different from any human being is quite surprising. Unfortunately, professors don't even try to denounce this insinuations perhaps because some, like the egoistic feeling of such perception. First of all, professors are not super human. Secondly, they are different but not the way you think.

The field of academia is a scientific field. Well grounded in research methodology. It draws inference from pure science which is equally scientific. This skill give professors the capability to search, research and learn concept quickly. But again, with technology everybody should be able to do that. No, there is a scientific approach to validated learning. This and their conscious effort, desire to learn and share is what makes them slightly unique.

Again, that does not make super human in every aspect of life. They have subject matter areas of specialization. This could be business, engineering or biology. On a chosen subject matter area, they have commendable amount of knowledge and understanding. Their quest for endless of knowledge and discovery is what earns them the recognition and respect.

Why is this important?

You don's have to be a professor to be a subject matter expert. You can gain recognition and respect in your chosen field of practice. Research skills can be learnt. It is Re + Search. Meaning, you search and re-search and re- research again - simply repeating the search process. All you need is that conscious effort to want to know more, then be willing to share the same. With what you have discovered, you can practice to show thy self approved and proven. Overtime, you will develop you own kind of research methodology. That's the ultimate confidence booster.

This will boost your self confidence as a practitioner. The confidence you seek cannot be bought. It can be only be nurtured. Confidence is a function of what you know. The more you know, the better you become at delivering. This month, make conscious effort to search and learn. Identify a subject matter area and consume as much knowledge therein.

Statistics, trends, articles, scientific papers, discussions etc. Get to work.

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